For The Professional or the Do-It-Yourself Builder

 With virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels, you'll find it easy to accomplish many of the home improvement projects on your wish list. Like a roof over your deck or carport? Build an attractive gazebo that keeps the rain out but lets the light shine in. Want an outdoor living area or covered patio? No problem with polycarbonate panels.

         Outdoor living is easy and beautiful

Wish your breezeway were less breezy? Is your woodpile protected? Build a shelter with polycarbonate panels. It's a breeze to work with this lightweight, tough material! You can cut, drill and install polycarbonate panels using some basic wood working tools. Screws, bar cap, and end cap profiles are also available. You'll find dozens of uses for this tough, versatile building material. Always wanted a greenhouse? Build one in a weekend and enjoy it for years! It's that simple with polycarbonate panels. Or, buy a kit and put it together.

           16 mm TripleWall polycarbonate roof and walls
             2012 Solargro Greenhouse, Colorado

Benefits over glass, fiberglass & polyethelene

  • Less Breakage
  • Up to 20 times stronger
  • Superior Weathering
  • Resists fading
  • Easier To Install
  • Doesn't chip
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Higher insulation


Polycarbonate Panels

Innovative polycarbonate panels are the durable, versatile choice for a wide variety of do-it-yourself projects. From deck covers to breezeways to skylights. Polycarbonate from The Polycarbonate Store is the one building panel that no serious do-it-yourselfer can do without. Polycarbonate has become the leading material in commercial greenhouse roofing, thanks to its durability, light transmission properties, profile structure, and performance in extreme temperatures. It provides the perfect combination of strength, light transmission, flexibility, lightweight, transparency and weather resistance for dozens of home, commercial and industrial applications.


Color selection determines amount of light transmission:
          Clear 90%
          Opal White 45%
          Bronze or Gray 35%

greenthumb300x339.jpgCarpenter’s Corner  

As a ‘best practice’, we like to use aluminum or cedar as framing materials for outdoor living, sunrooms, and greenhouse projects. Cedar weathers well, takes stain well, and is easy to cut, drill, and nail. We often use both tight-knot and clear cedar for our projects. Make sure your material is as straight as possible, and the ‘crown’ is facing upward and outward as you build. Our brown painted Aluminum Bar Cap gives a nice finished look, and the rubber gasket holds the polycarbonate in place, even with very strong winds.

Screwing the bar cap to the framing is the best way to secure polycarbonate, as it might otherwise bow and move in strong winds. The thicker the polycarbonate (16mm or wider), the more rigid it will tend to be and it will have less movement. The Aluminum Bar Cap has a nice sliding piece that covers the screws. Keep in mind that the open ends of the polycarbonate will need Polycarbonate End Cap or Breathable Tape to help keep insects and other problems away. Joiner cap is also often used to join panels together at your framing. There are a variety of profiles that can help you with your project.

Below are some images to help you!

 roof-end-with-twin-wall.jpg         mid-span-with-joiner-cap2.jpg

Whether it is a large, complex project, such as a sunroom or home attachment, or something as simple as a shed, awning, or porch cover, polycarbonate is a simple, lightweight, easy to work with material that can provide you with the weather protection you are looking for. At The Polycarbonate Store, ‘We make building easy!’