How to Install Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Panels

How to install polycarbonate panels.pdf

Didn't get a chance to attend one our informative building with polycarbonate classes held here at The Polycarbonate Store / Charley's Greenhouse? Don't worry, click on the above PDF link for the class materials that will provide you with an overview of how to install and work with polycarbonate panels. (If the PDF link doesn't work, email and request our Poly 101 email response.)

Also recommended, Sealing with Silicone:

Seal with a thin bead (1/16" diam. to 1/8" diam.) of silicone sealant. A wet finger can be used to smooth the silicone and provide a pleasing convex appearance. Silicone is shown in the drawings in dark grey. Areas of silicone have been exaggerated for clarity.

Fig 15. Where the capping overlaps or is mitered.
Fig 16. On upper edges of horizontal capping.