Help with DIY Polycarbonate Project


9x2 + 3x7 ÷4 + 8x1½ = ??  Feeling outnumbered?  What's the best way to build it?

We get it, you’re looking for help with polycarbonate and you call your dad. But he says he counts his cows by counting the legs and dividing by 4 -- no help there. Sometimes the simple task of figuring out how many polycarbonate panels, how many pieces of bar cap, how many screws, and a host of other questions can be frustrating.

The simple truth is that starting with the right size of polycarbonate panel can save you money. Using 8 ft. long, 10 ft. long, or 12 ft. long panels is the first item of business. From there, we cut (or you cut) the panels for the most efficient use of the material.



Start with a simple drawing of your project to decide how many sheets of polycarbonate and what sizes you will need. With this simple A, B, C ... plan you can begin to optimize the use of your panels. Remember to draw all walls and roof sections.

Keep in mind that the polycarbonate sheets are UV coated on one side and that the channels need to be oriented vertically to allow for condensation drainage.

Perhaps you need some longer panels, up to 24 ft. for your project, and special ordering them is the best choice. Perhaps you need 6 ft. wide panels, we have those too.

You might need an opaque panel option - we sell an Opal polycarbonate. If you need lots of shading ask about our Bronze polycarbonate panels.

If you get 'outnumbered', give us a call at 888-977-7659.  We‘re happy to help you.